View Park makes history


After two and a half years, a total of 25 community meetings, over $100,000 raised, and nearly 700 View Park residents pledging their support, today, View Park Conservancy is proud to announce:

View Park is officially on the National Register of Historic Places!

Your dedication, your enthusiasm, and your overwhelming support is what made this possible. You are the reason our organization thrived. You inspired us, and gave the entire community the strength to persevere, press on and win.

We did it! And YOU should be proud!

Because of YOU, the history and legacy of View Park is preserved and forever recognized for the world to see. Such recognition makes View Park –

    the largest National Historic District in the United States based on African-American History!

In addition to being the first neighborhood in the nation with such a prestigious title, listing on the National Register gives YOU several important benefits:

  • A place in history, and renewed community pride for the legacy of View Park.
  • Lower property taxes. Contributing historic homeowners can now apply for the historic Mills Act tax reduction program. [link]
  • Higher property values. Studies have proven that homes in historic districts increase in value 10 – 30% greater than non-historic districts.

What started as a small idea by a group of View Park residents, turned into one of the most unprecedented displays of UNITY our neighborhood has ever seen.



View Park Conservancy

Co-Founders – Andre Gaines and Ben Kahle
Advisors – Pernell Cox, Sovonto Green, Jeff Haber, Tony Nicholas, Vanita Nicholas, Cookie Parker, and James Smith
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